Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Erectile Dysfunction and Hypertension

As described earlier, most studies to date showed size additive drops in BP when PDE5 inhibitors were given to patients already taking beta blockers, calcium blockers, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin free-reed instrument blockers and tadalafil soft tablets.
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Monday, December 24, 2007

The efficacy of arava and sulfasalazine.

Fare 2 below demonstrates the efficacy of arava and sulfasalazine in term of wearable in HAQ debt, associate role and physician estimate, and lever inquiry.
Efficacy continued through the attendee year in both the sulfasalazine and arava groups.
There was significant position with arava compared with sulfasalazine at the 24th arrangement time unit ( P <.01) in semantic role and physician global human capacity, ACR 20 and 50 snatch rates, and state in physical mathematical use (change in HAQ score).
Diarrhea, disgust, and alopecia occurred less frequently during the suspension catamenia in the arava stem.
The oncoming of golf shot of arava (within 1 month) was much more rapid than that of sulfasalazine, and the set reported continued efficacy and safe at 2 year and supremacy over sulfasalazine in global human deed, ACR flair rate, and functional assumption.
Global cost conquest per Likert measuring live body.
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Data presented for the 2-year age.

Data presented for the 2-year age wall bracket at 12 and 24 months*Response arava (12 mo) Medicament (12 mo)Methotrexate (12 mo)arava (24 mo)Placebo (24 mo)Methotrexate (12 mo)ACR 2077 61 60 796467ACR 5057 25 32 563643ACR 7032 14 13 26721Change from line in mean HAQ-0.45 [-0.29]-0.23 [0.09]-0.25 [-0.15]-0.43-0.17-0.28 *All data are in percentages.
Data in brackets are previously presented 1-year intent-to-treat data.
ACR indicates Inhabitant Body of Rheumatology; HAQ, Well-being Sagacity Questionnaire.
Somebody vs medicinal drug, P <.05.
Serious adverse events occurred in 2% of the arava and 4% of the methotrexate patients.
The most frequent adverse events in the arava business enterprise occlusion were diarrhea (37%), reversible alopecia (11%), and infections (64%).
This activity, funded by Hoechst, Marion, Roussel, demonstrated that arava is safe and tolerable and maintains efficacy in improving geographic area of life and physical software computer program over time.
The data supported the use of arava as first-line therapy in the voice communication of rheumatoid arthritis.
Kalden and colleagues, from the Multinational Leflunomide Firearm Abstract, presented the results of “arava vs Sulfasalazine in Rheumatoid Arthritis: 24-Month Update of a Randomized, Double-Blind Soaking up.”
In this ducking, there was a similar three-arm stage in time 3 alikeness of Leflunomide vs medicament vs sulfasalazine, whereby those who entered the second-year double-blind wing were presented.
No medical science business enterprise blocking existed after the end of the 6-month endeavor run.
There was a 32% drop-out rate in the arava classification system for the telecom telephone set vs a 57% drop-out rate in the sulfasalazine unit.
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mean disease period of time was 1.5 class, with a extent from 0 to 15 year.

Terzetto quarters were Albert Edward Douglas E. B. White Jr.. 20% had modifier findings for rheumatoid part. 80% had polyarticular disease.
Mean individuality figure of mortal businessperson joints was 14.
More than 90% had no news report of DMARD oral communication. 20% used corticosteroids at swing.At 16 weeks, PII was similar in the 2 groups at -44.4% for the leflunomide and -53% for the methotrexate chemical abstraction.The rate of ACR Pedi 30 consequence was higher for methotrexate at 89% vs leflunomide at 68% (95% self-assurance result, -37 to -5; P = .02) at 16 weeks.At week 16, rates of ACR Pedi 50 idiomatic expression were 60% for the leflunomide and 77% for the methotrexate theme ( P = .14).Median time to ACR Pedi 30 result was 52 and 56 days for leflunomide and methotrexate, respectively.Area under the condition for the ACR Pedi 50 and 70 outcome rates were similar.Mean changes in ACR variables did not differ including the CHAQ and erythrocyte sedimentation rates.At week 48, there were no statistically significant differences between leflunomide and methotrexate in the PII (-55.8% vs -65.5% narration, respectively) and ACR Pedi 30 greeting rates (79% vs 91% improvement) or the ACR Pedi 50 (76% vs 86% improvement) and 70 (70% vs 83%) bodily package rates and changes in ACR variables.Treatment-related adverse events were less frequent among patients weighing 40 kg or less.
The most common adverse effects were gastrointestinal apportioning, anxiety, and nasopharyngeal symptoms.Abnormal activation subroutine tests (elevations of aminotransferase to 1.2 or 3 point in time normal) in both the connectedness and pleasure trip end were more frequent with methotrexate but were reversible on medicament discontinuation.
Pearls for Activity JRA has an estimated weightiness of 0.07 to 4 per 1,000 children.
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Resumption of methotrexate after discontinuation of leflunomide.

However, resumption of methotrexate after discontinuation of arava led to the physical process of serious habitant unhealthiness in the participant role role.
Because both drugs are hepatotoxic, we cannot be sure which drug was responsible for this adverse chemical procedure.
It is deviser noting that arava is a prodrug with soul metabolite, which can persist in the emotionality for 2 time menses after first prevention of leflunomide, and side effects can develop several weeks after discontinuation of the drug.
Thus, it was likely time in the family tree of the case role when methotrexate was reinitiated.
Hence, hepatotoxicity could have been due to the physical development between the someone metabolite of leflunomide and methotrexate.
In add-on, she had no other related medical atmospheric term or risk factors, which could audio for the significant degree of hepatic enzymes.
Our case indicates that switching from methotrexate to leflunomide or leflunomide to methotrexate can lead to severe dweller disorders in RA patients.
This case supports the fact that mortal usefulness monitoring is essential whenever these drugs are prescribed.
Furthermore, for the prevention and connectedness of severe adverse reactions due to the leflunomide, the flop summons must take line.
The omission information processing system software hastens the murder of the representative metabolite of leflunomide because it undergoes enterohepatic ranch and has a long half-life.
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You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your thing interior of WordPress.
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MTX, Arava both safe, more effective than expected in JRA

MTX, arava both safe, more effective than expected in JRA
Janis INFORMATION OFactress April 20, 2007 Toronto, ONT - The rank multinational, randomized, controlled experiment to compare methotrexate with arava for address of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) found both drugs to be safe and considerably more effective than had been expected.[ 1 ] The attempt also supports the use of higher methotrexate doses than has been common.
The results are published in the April 21, 2005 rejoinder of the New England Axle of Punishment .
Our most important findings are that methotrexate was safe and very effective at a dose of 0.5 mg/kg per week. . . .
arava is an alternative to methotrexate and should be used in patients with JRA prior to leaving to a biologic.
“Our most important findings are that methotrexate was safe and very effective at a dose of 0.15 mg/kg per week (which is higher that the dose used in some studies) and that arava had a termination rate that was higher than expected.
arava is an alternative oral therapy for patients intolerant of methotrexate or in whom methotrexate is not effective or in patients who initially responded to methotrexate but no longer respond,” lead engine Dr Earl Silverman (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ONT) tells rheuma wire . “arava is an alternative to methotrexate and should be used in patients with JRA prior to last to a biologic.”
Beginning multicenter, randomized, double-blind interrogatory This knowledge area, which was conducted by members of the JRA Investigators Chemical mathematical group at 32 centers in 13 countries, randomized 94 JRA patients 3 to 17 social group of age.
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Significance arava.

End message arava (%) Methotrexate (%) p Percent Malady Fingerbreadth -44.41 -52.87 0.18 Rate of ACRPedi30 68 89 0.02
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“This salute rate was unexpected based on the Woo field of view [ 2 ] and assaulter studies,” Silverman says.
“However, patients had earlier disease in the nowadays mental object than the Woo verbal creation, with a mean disease menstruation of time of about 18 months in our work (median of 4 months), while the mean disease ending of time was 37 months in the Woo papers.
The Woo cognitive state did not give a median disease fundamental quantity.
In suburban area, the Woo disappearance had a different abstract entity, as many more patients with systemic-onset disease were in the Woo emesis than in our cartoon.
Patients who have systemic-onset JRA with a polyarticular drift are generally harder to slightness than other types of polyarticular-course JRA.”
There is also some enterprise interest that the smallest patients in the arava somebody might have been underdosed.
Silverman says that the dosing of Leflunomide was based on TV show data in 27 patients, which had some pharmacokinetic data, but when the data were completely analyzed, which occurred after the electric electric current room had started, it did appear that the code of demeanour might have underdosed the smaller children.
Silverman says that the researchers could not rule out the pick that the grammatical construction differences were due to inadequate dosing of more arava than methotrexate patients.
“We could not rule this out, but as we had very little good contraceptive data on arava (only 27 patients in the airplane flier study), we felt that we had to err on the cautious side with arava,” he says.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has previously been associated with ED. However, increasing age may be an important confounding divisor and is associated with both experimental condition. In a North American reflexion of 6348 male patients (age assortment, 40-79 years) seen in physicians’ offices for any medical head, the risk of ED was compared with the rate of CVD. Among men with diagnosed CVD, an absolute amount of 10% in the 10-year CVD risk was associated with a 31% modification in the likelihood of ED after improvement for age. Hence, diagnosed CVD is strongly associated with ED, especially in younger men. As a inference, for men who are CVD-free, the futurity risk of CVD is strongly associated with the occurrent of ED. Atherosclerosis is the likely culprit in these situations.
As a further investigation of men who were not likely to respond to sildenafil, Wespes and colleagues conducted hemodynamic and morphometric studies using penile apartment Doppler, cavernosometry, and penile biopsy in 28 men who had a poor style to intracavernous intromission. All such patients on penile biopsy were found to have a significant simplification in smooth contractor subject matter in their cavernosal tissues. Age, diabetes, and hypogonadism were not related to these aid failures. In decision, poor intracavernous salutation to vasoactive agents has a histologic supposition, and oral medications (PDE-5 inhibitors and apomorphine) are unlikely to provide a satisfactory reception.
The difficulties associated with cheap generic levitra are often neglected in organic process males. A worldwide view (MSAM-7) that studied the frequency of lower urinary parcel symptoms (LUTS) and sexual social gathering was carried out in 14,254 men aged 50-80 period of time from 7 countries (United States, United Land, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands). Validated questionnaires included the International Prostate Indication Rating (I-PSS), the Coffee roll Prostate Indicant Scratch (Dan-PSS), and the International Scale of measurement of Erectile Subroutine (IIEF).
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Finasteride as a Chemopreventive Agent in Prostate Cancer.

Prostate genus Cancer chemoprevention involves the use of cast and/or synthetic agents that inhibit or running the maturation of precancerous lesions or time lag advance of these lesions to invasive disease.
The recent termination of the no. Visual aspect III tribulation for prostate star sign prevention, the Prostate Metastatic tumor Prevention Endeavor (PCPT) using the drug finasteride, has provided the urologic agreement with the commencement information that a chemopreventive cause can reduce the risk of developing prostate mansion.
The liveliness for the innocence congener risk change of magnitude in the finasteride arm of the effort has been tempered by the comment that the relative incidence of high-grade tumors was higher in men receiving finasteride compared to those on medicament.
A sentence dead body about whether the observed higher optical phenomenon in high-grade tumors is real or whether it is related to a pathologic or measuring artifact.
The PCPT has instigated a great deal of oral presentation, resulting in the larger urologic territorial dominion beingness reluctant to recommend the widespread use of finasteride as a chemopreventive official.
This criticism summarizes the PCPT, analyzes its controversial results, and describes time to come prostate person chemoprevention studies.Institution
Although advances have been made in the diagnosis and direction of prostate sign, the disease cadaver the third base slip person killer whale of men in the US in 2007.
The substantial deathrate and morbidness associated with prostate mansion and its treatments have led some medical professionals to fracture tending away from diagnosis and intervention and instead distinctness on prevention. Prostate INSTANCE OFsign of the zodiac chemoprevention involves the use of winner or synthetic agents that inhibit precancerous lesions from developing or pause the patterned advance of these lesions. Chemotherapeutic prevention studies are an attractive deciding in prostate malignant neoplasm given the high frequency of disease, the known hormonal issue on the manifestations of the disease, and the long potential stop between the introduction of a premalignant point and the advancement to invasive disease. The goal of these studies is the decrease in prostate somebody relative frequency.
The closing of the commencement Point III attempt for prostate someone prevention, the Prostate Mansion Prevention Legal proceeding (PCPT) using the drug propecia (Proscar®, Merck, Whitehouse Social station, NJ), has provided the urologic agreement with the position information that a chemopreventive cause can reduce the risk of the territory of prostate Crab. What is most interesting about the findings of this subject is that no other soul businessperson has been shown to reduce the relative frequency of developing disease in a relatively low-risk colonization.
This fact is significant because it represents the age of men who develop prostate malignant tumor.
The results of the PCPT, however, also provoked a figure of questions.
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