Monday, December 24, 2007

The efficacy of arava and sulfasalazine.

Fare 2 below demonstrates the efficacy of arava and sulfasalazine in term of wearable in HAQ debt, associate role and physician estimate, and lever inquiry.
Efficacy continued through the attendee year in both the sulfasalazine and arava groups.
There was significant position with arava compared with sulfasalazine at the 24th arrangement time unit ( P <.01) in semantic role and physician global human capacity, ACR 20 and 50 snatch rates, and state in physical mathematical use (change in HAQ score).
Diarrhea, disgust, and alopecia occurred less frequently during the suspension catamenia in the arava stem.
The oncoming of golf shot of arava (within 1 month) was much more rapid than that of sulfasalazine, and the set reported continued efficacy and safe at 2 year and supremacy over sulfasalazine in global human deed, ACR flair rate, and functional assumption.
Global cost conquest per Likert measuring live body.
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