Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Singer Watson begins radiotherapy

hair loss treatment Singer Russell Watson has started an intensive five-week course of radiotherapy at a Manchester hospital to treat a recurrent brain tumour.

The 41-year-old performer, who will undergo the treatment for five days each week, said he was "a little bit tired" and it was a "strange New Year".

Watson's manager Richard Thompson said doctors were being cautious not to damage his eyesight with the therapy.

The singer underwent emergency brain surgery in October.


Mr Thompson added: "He's got five days a week for five weeks to really whack the thing completely in the hope that it will never regrow.

"It's a very arduous five-week period that the doctors hope will give him closure," he said, indicating that hair loss and fatigue could also result from the treatment at the Christie Hospital.

"He's in as good as spirits as anybody can be with that kind of journey ahead."

Watson's tumour is located close to the optic nerve, which has prompted caution about his eyesight.

Speaking last month, the singer said that he would not be singing for some time, but expected his voice to recover from surgery which was performed via his mouth.

He had his first operation in 2006 to remove the tumour, but later scans revealed that it had grown back before emergency surgery last year.
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